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While visiting Montana, I heard a funny story about a Thai restaurant in Great Falls that I’m not sure is true or not so… nevermind.
I haven’t neglected 2cultures.com anymore than I’ve regretfully neglected my other sites. A world of news may have flashed by in my absence but none seemed more exciting than your wedding and introduction (and ours) to life in California through your eyes and camera!

Today, my most exciting news is – I just adopted a second dog. She came with a name and little else, and we’ll likely change her name soon.

Here are a select few images from my latest trip to Montana. This trip included many hours working on a house as a framer, sheetrocker, electrician, plumber, master tile installer, carpenter, and of course, demolition and cleaning up professional – exhausting as that was to type, it was worse to do for 10 hours a day so I snuck out occasionally for horseback riding, floating the river and a wild west county fair. I’m the proud new owner of my first pontoon boat, which is like a private luxury ride down the Missouri River. It has room for a cooler on back and racks and bags for adding lots of equipment – though all I seemed to need is my camera, some sunscreen and a sandwich – having a cooler of icy beverage is sweet!

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1 THeGod { 08.12.11 at 4:44 am }

..what the heck are those gay dogs doin there :)

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