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From Carpenter to Nurse… 10.11.12

An update on Kim?

I wasn’t the only building contractor in the nursing program I graduated from this past May.

Going back to school was AWESOME~! Students don’t know how great school is… until they leave it and work in the ‘real world’ for a few decades.  [Read more →]

October 11, 2012   No Comments

what to do…?

Hello all;

Nadiana has a whole new life. Oddly enough she and her husband live in my old stopping grounds. We live so many thousands of miles closer now and in the same country but we are still thousands of miles apart. …and in a way, we are coast-to-coast in two completely different cultures. (like Biggie & 2Pak…?)

What should I do with this website?
Is it interesting enough to leave up?


What do people do with websites they no longer update? Nadiana is the one with the interesting life. She and Paul have it all and were they to share it with more than fb friends then you’d be envious indeed.

Anyway, I don’t mind hosting the site still. I feel an obligation to be responsible with the content I host and just was sort of checking in here. Peace to the world.

August 15, 2012   4 Comments

yay, 2cultures.com moved

Nadiana and I have to update this site since we are only 3,000 miles apart now.


April 9, 2011   No Comments

What’s lost in migration;

When I moved the site a few things went amiss that I have not remedied as of yet


here is the checklist

  • Failed to import Media “photo-80”
  • Failed to import Media “0412080103”
  • Failed to import Media “hoi-an-vietnam-041a”
  • Failed to import Media “2c_header.gif”
  • Failed to import Media “britney-spears-cinderella”
  • Failed to import Media “celione-dion-because-you-loved-me”
  • Failed to import Media “love-actually-soundtrack-too-lost-in-you”
  • Failed to import Media “Wo Ai Ni”
  • Failed to import Media “Baby, Don’t You Break My Heart by Vonda Shepard”
  • Failed to import Media “Cry by James Blunt”
  • Failed to import Media “Forget Me Not music”
  • Failed to import Media “Lucie Silvas-Forget Me Not music”
  • Failed to import Media “Life is short by Butterfly Boucher”
  • Failed to import Media “Everytime We Touch by Cascada”
  • Failed to import Media “All The Way Around by Ali Lohan”


The most important ‘loss’ was that all posts by Glitter85 are now attributed to ‘Admin’. I will bulk fix this eventually.

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Existence elsewhere

While visiting Montana, I heard a funny story about a Thai restaurant in Great Falls that I’m not sure is true or not so… nevermind.
I haven’t neglected 2cultures.com anymore than I’ve regretfully neglected my other sites. A world of news may have flashed by in my absence but none seemed more exciting than your wedding and introduction (and ours) to life in California through your eyes and camera! [Read more →]

August 31, 2010   1 Comment

We need a consensus on this website

Hey Nadiana et al,

What do you think we should do with this site?

Want to invite other people to be authors? Want to just leave it as it is and visit occasionally? Want to evolve it into Paul and Nadiana instead?

The site can go through a metamorphosis and come out beautifully… or it could just peter out and fade into history.

We need opinion, ideas, thoughts, concerns and general banter!

_Happy September… it’s almost Autumn.

September 16, 2009   2 Comments

I’ve been gone

I’ve been away from home most of this summer …and most of it without internet service.

I’ve finally returned home after missing my daughter’s first week of high school. Where have I been? Well, for me it’s been quite an exciting ride; I bought a house out west. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on my new house which was built in 1900 in a tiny little town about 30 miles from a supermarket but only a few feet from the Missouri river and a few miles from wilderness, hunting, fishing and a true sense of freedom.

When you get here, you’ll have a summer retreat! You’re welcome to visit, though it’s about 16 hours drive from S.F. it’s worth the trip.

I hope things are good…. sounds like I’ll be coming out to California for a wedding soon….?

September 8, 2009   1 Comment

The Last Best Place – Montana


I’m at our house in Montana. Here are a few pics so you can see our front yard.

There are many wild animals here like, bear, elk, mountain lions, bighorn sheep and bald eagles. I am very much at home.

[

August 1, 2009   3 Comments

what, no pictures?

Hey All,

Just stopping in real quick to say Hi.

I’m still traveling, though I’ve stopped overnight at my own house. I’m going to bring my computer with me on tomorrow morning’s flight so I’ll see if I can’t share some outdoor photos this weekend.

I’m glad to see the fancy new haircut on Nadiana. Lookin’ good huh world?

Take care everyone and remember to protect and care about yourselves. It’s a dog eat dog world.


July 29, 2009   1 Comment